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Some Teleservices Professionals believe that Inbound or Outbound Telesales simply comes down to putting agents in seats to make and/or receive sales calls. Do this at the lowest cost possible and you’ll turn a profit, right? Not so simple! The Telesales centers that have shown true longevity all understand that successful Telesales campaigns require much more than just people in seats! Here is a short list of what the top telesales centers all have in common:

  1. Proper list targeting, analysis and segmentation are critical for successful outbound calling campaigns or direct mail efforts to drive inbound calls.
  2. Proper script development includes a strong (attention getting) opening statement, a concise presentation of the offer, a focus on tangible product benefits (vs. just a list of features), well defined objection rebuttals… and that’s just the start! The best scripts evolve over time through agent feedback and constant revisions.
  3. Proper agent training & motivation processes are critical to the success of any Telesales campaign. The agents’ interests’ must be aligned with your own campaign objectives. Well defined goals followed by daily accountability and recognition are the key. Extensive product knowledge should always be coupled with extensive sales training. Daily role-playing and repetition drills can increase sales results dramatically.  “It’s not just what agents say but how they say ‘it’!”
  4. Proper Telephony Management (or lack thereof) can make or break a campaign. On inbound campaigns, well programmed IVR routines any proper call flow planning are just two of many critical pieces to a successful inbound campaign. On Outbound campaigns, especially in the face of the new “Abandon Rate” rules as well as other FCC regulations, predictive dialers present a myriad of challenges. How many lines have you assigned to each campaign? How is the dialer setting paced? How are daily launches and breaks managed on the calling floor to prevent dropped calls? What are the settings for Answering Machine detection?... and the list goes on and on!

Web Pulse can provide Professional Telesales Consulting Services in one or more of the areas described above.  Contact us today!